Getting Started

1. Download

Download and install the software.

Locate and double-click the GammonSite icon on your desktop.

Click the Create an Account button

1. Sponsor (optional)

Enter the Login name of your Sponsor.
(If you were referred by someone. be sure to enter this name correctly!) DO NOT ENTER YOUR LOGIN NAME. If you have no Sponsor, simply click "Next"

Click Next to continue.

3. Create

Enter a Login name and email address.
Click the Connect button.
Check your email for your password. (You will be able to change this password once you have logged on. (Go to Options and Main)

4. Connect

Enter you Login and Password
Click the Connect button

Be sure to read your GammonSite mail which is waiting for you. It contains important "quick start" tips, information on tournaments, and how to earn free time!


Greeters can be identified by the “golden globe” logo in front of his/her name. Greeters are volunteers acting as a “welcoming committee” for our new arrivals. They are familiar with all features on the site and will be happy to help answer any general questions you may have.

Sysops can easily be identified by the "Saturn" icon that is in front of his/her name. They can help with all of your technical and community problems or questions.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Enjoy your time here!

If you have any problems or questions, email us at