If you have signed up for a Tournament, and are not present when the Tournament starts, the Tournament Host will remove you from the Tournament.

You are not permitted to play in two tournaments at one time. If you have registered for a tournament and are still playing in one you will be forfeited from the upcoming tournament.

You will have five minutes to begin playing all of your assigned Tournament matches. Failure to start will result in a forfeit. No more than three disconnections of five minutes allowed per player/per match. The fourth disconnect will result in a forfeit.

If you have signed up for a Tournament and receive a "bye" be prepared to receive a late registering opponent. Late registration for is open for five minutes to allow assignments for players who have received "byes".

Tournament players with sufficient lag/reply time or who abuse the timer, which causes a delay in the Tournament, will be forfeited.

If you are playing in a Tournament match where your opponent loses connection or leaves the site, notify the Tournament Host as soon as possible. Your opponent will have five minutes to resume the match or they will be forfeited.

If you decide to watch a Tournament match please show consideration and refrain from excessive chatting in the Kibitz.

Abuse of these guidelines will result in immediate forfeit.


Players will have one week to complete 25% of their assigned matches. Two weeks to complete 50% of their assigned matches. Three weeks to complete 75% of their assigned matches. Failure to comply each week will result in a forfeit. At the end of the League, players with uncompleted matches will be forfeited based upon mails they have sent to their opponents in copy to the League host. The minimum mail requirement is two in the last week of play. Any mails received prior will not be used towards the official mail requirement.


Members cannot receive more FREE time than their paid membership due to their Tournament or League wins. Example: 12 month Paid Membership = 12 months of Eligible Free Time Trial Members cannot receive more than one month extension on their Trial Account.