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On the following pages you will find the features and options available at GammonSite, along with descriptions of their use. Please read them over, then come and visit with us.


Upon entering any room, you will see various buttons along the top of the screen. Simply click on any button to put it into effect.

All of the features and tools displayed are explained briefly by simply pointing your mouse at an icon or a button for a few seconds. For your convenience, a pop-up description will appear, explaining each particular icon or button. GammonSite developers have incorporated additional features here for your convenience. Do not hesitate to right click on the player's names. A wealth of information is available to you here.


You can easily view your server connection information and reply time by pointing your mouse on the tiny GammonSite globe found on the upper left portion of your screen.  A perfect connection is indicated by a green-colored globe. Yellow indicates an average connection. A red-colored globe indicates a slow connection and a fading connection is shown by a gray-colored globe.

You can view any player's reply time by right clicking on their name and choosing Reply Time from the popup menu. 


Greeters can be identified by the “golden globe” logo in front of his/her name.
Greeters are volunteers acting as a “welcoming committee” for our new arrivals. They are familiar with all features on the site and will be happy to help answer any general questions you may have.

Sysops can easily be identified by the "Saturn" icon that is in front of his/her name. They can help with all of your technical and community problems or questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


GammonSite is dedicated to ensuring that your privacy will be respected. For this reason, all Sysops are required to sign a “confidentiality” agreement, stating that they will never divulge any private information to anyone.  Greeters and Hosts have no access to confidential information, therefore, are not required to sign a confidentiality agreement.  

We will maintain the highest standards here at GammonSite and are confident that your privacy will be respected at all times. The site administrators will always act professionally and ethically toward all players.


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