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eXtreme Gammon
eXtreme Gammon

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Backgammon at it's best!
Choose 3D boards with fully adjustable camera angles, or play with the classic 2D designs!  Customize your backgammon to what YOU want!
Play in exciting tournaments & leagues!




Backgammon with Built-in Tournament Features

bullet 5 Default 3D boards
bullet 3 Default 2D boards
bullet NackGammon 
bullet HyperGammon  
bullet LongGammon 
bullet Optional Time Limited Games 
bullet Game Tracking
bullet Dice Stats
bullet Move List
bullet Auto play forced move
bullet Auto Roll
bullet Auto-save games

EXTREME GAMMON  World-Class Computer Opponents 
  by GammonSite Ltd.

Extreme Gammon is a Neural Network based backgammon program available for All Players to enjoy. RATED versions of Extreme Gammon are available for Members Only.

Free Tournaments and Leagues

The backgammon room hosts random and scheduled daily tournaments, earning the players free time and points toward the monthly prize. Click Here to get schedule and more information on Tournaments.  Members are invited to join our many exciting monthly leagues which are offered. Click Here to get more information on Leagues.

$$ Money Leagues, Tournaments and Head-to-Head Play $$

Establish an account now with GammonVentures. Then, register to play in online money tournaments and leagues. CASH PRIZES are being distributed daily! Entry fees are reasonable, and payouts are immediate. Click the banner below for complete details. 


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